Phantom Sealed generator for MTGA
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Phantom Sealed generator for MTGA.


  • Generate a list of cards for to use for a phantom Sealed match from your collection of cards.
  • Use either the default rules for sealed or customize them.
  • Built-in basic deck editor and export button for easy importing into MTGA.
  • Automatically reads all available cards from the game. No update needed after a new set releases.





How to use

  • Grab the latest release from the releases section
  • Extract the archive to a folder
  • Launch PhantomTool.exe

Known issues

  • No collected cards are recognized.
    • Launch MTGA and exit after the main menu appears. Then select File > Refresh collection


  • This tool makes use of AssetStudio. Get the latest release from here and copy the following libraries into the /Dependencies folder:
    • AssetStudio.dll
    • AssetStudioUtility.dll
    • SharpDX.dll
    • SharpDX.Mathematics.dll
    • System.Half.dll
    • TextureConverter.dll
    • TextureConverterWrapper.dll